Video gallery

Shaping perception

Ceramic sculpture to see, hear, touch and feel

Big hugs

Ceramics to see, hear, feel and touch

To be continued

Ceramics in motion, connected

Ceramic work 'To Be Continued' in progress

See how I manage to get a part of the Ceramic Sculpture 'To Be Continued' out of the kiln

Big rhythm

Breathing ceramics

Imagine in motion

Imagine a ceramic sculpture Can be found in the collection of the Yingge Ceramic Museum in Taipei, Taiwan.


Imagine at Ceramics Biennale Taiwan 2020-2021 Recommendation Prize

'Earth dance'

Contemporary ceramicsculpture to see, hear, touch and feel

Hold me

Hold me, a ceramic installation

It takes two to tango II

Ceramic sculpture to see, hear touch and feel


Ceramic to see, hear, touch and feel


Ceramic sculpture to see, hear, touch and feel

Point of view

Ceramics, movement and sound At my studio

Turning point - 2010

'Turning point'.


ceramics, movements, color and sound. Two sculptures from 1 series. At my studio

Big O's

Ceramics, movements and sound In front of my studio

Elevator pitch

Cecil in een minuut

Eb en vloed

Eb en Vloed The Tides