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Looking for inspiration?

Are you the clay lover who wants to talk about his/her ceramic work? To gain new insights and find inspiration?
During our talk, you will receive customized guidance. As a starting point, we use your questions and work.

What to expect: a respectful open vision at your work and plenty of inspiration. You will be able to take next steps in your work.

Online works fine, Google teams or Skype.

“For more than 25 years I have been guiding people in their creative/visual processes.
Every day I work in my studio, create sculptures, shape my professional practice and follow the development of contemporary ceramics in Europe and beyond. 
And I experience that my personal development is intertwined with all that”.

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Workshop, seminar

Do you want me as a speaker for your congress?

Interested in a practical clay workshop/seminar?

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Online: artist talk - workshop - Q and A


The Ceramic School invited me to do an online Artist talk! 
I talk about my clay journey, which started at the wheel to now, creating interactive sculptures which I perform with. A lot of pictures and video's are shown. And you can see me playing with clay:) 

The final part is a Q and A session.

The Ceramic School:

– How To: Play with Clay, presented by renowned ceramicist Cecil Kemperink. This Artist Talk is for those seeking to expand their artistic horizons and break free from the confines of tradition. 

If you’ve been feeling creatively uninspired, Kemperink’s reflections on process and joy will help reignite your passion. Here, she offers valuable insight into her creative process and the possibilities that arise when you dare to take risks and experiment. With Kemperink’s guidance, you’ll discover how even the simplest of elements can unlock a wealth of potential, allowing you to view your craft in a fresh and nuanced light. 

Cecil Kemperink’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of stepping back from the pressures of the market and the profound growth one can achieve when one devotes themselves to artistic exploration. 

In this exclusive artist talk, you’ll delve into the inner workings of an artist’s creative process, experiencing the highs and lows that come with pushing the boundaries of one’s craft. As Cecil Kemperink reflects on her journey, she shares how early in her career, she became disenchanted with her art practice as she found herself making art solely to sell or please gallery curators. Only after withdrawing from the demands of the commercial art world was Cecil Kemperink able to explore the vast potential of clay as a medium.

Discover the power of finding joy in your creative process and unlock your full potential as a ceramicist today!

Online Artist talk and workshop Cecil Kemperink